About us

     SIA “ALANIKA” was established as a new enterprise in 2009 by highly experienced specialists who have worked in the field of international trade and merchandising for 20 years.

     We are official representatives in the territory of the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), distributing such premium-class tea brands as Basilur (Sri Lanka) (, Tipson (Sri Lanka) (, HAZO and Just Make Tea (Taiwan) (, as also, new, innovative, excellent quality extra virgin olive oils in spray Fratelli MANTOVA & Grand Aroma (Italy)

   We work with any class of customer, generally focusing our activity on wholesale. Our clients are all supermarket and hypermarket chains in Baltic Countries: RIMI Baltic, MAXIMA Baltic, PRISMA Baltic, IKI, IG (TOP!), ELVI, SKY chains, CENUKLUBS.LV, AIR BALTIC Airlines, ANGOLITA UAB, ASSORTY.LV, VYNOTEKA Gourmet,  RUTA JSK and more than 500 independent retail clients and internet shops.


    SIA “ALANIKA” will become your highly reliable supplier. You will always find the widest range of goods to satisfy the most sophisticated customers for whom high quality of products is one of the key factors.


    We provide our customers with high quality service, logistics, and a possibility to participate in joint product promotion campaigns, and we also engage our experts in working with your employees on site providing consultancy, training, and sales process organisation services.

    Discover the best products and service with us!








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